Monday, August 5, 2013

Semi-Annual Update and Some Thoughts

Yes, yes, still alive.  I'm updating my Livejournal regularly again, so that's something.  I've been torn 'twixt the two for some time now and I think I've found the fundamental difference between them, at least for me.  Blogs are something you intend other people to read.  A journal is something that's mainly for you.

I don't have much here that I think anyone is really interested in.  I don't think I have it in me to be a "serious" blogger - I have no unified theme or purpose other than "my life," which let's face it, is random and kind of boring.  I'm not going to put the work into it to make it something that would get a lot of followers, or network and become someone who does giveaways or goes to BlogHer.  So there's kind of not much point.

I will keep this blog because there are things I've said I want to keep, and because there are people whose blogs I enjoy reading.  But I think I'm never going to be really active here - blogging isn't for me and that's ok.  I'm happy that I'm keeping my LJ active again and it gives me someplace where I don't feel weird about sharing things like what I made for dinner or explaining what I think of my sister and my mom's latest fight. 

I can still share stats and whatnot, since this blog is where I did most of that, and that plus my thoughts about my children at specific times are precious to me.

Oscar had his first birthday on the 31st.  We did a party on the Friday before at the city park.  It was windy as all get out but a lot of fun.  He's such a sweet funny boy.  He smiles so big and it lights up the whole room.  His hair is still quite blonde but his eyes are definitely brown - such interesting coloring.  He has the yellow tones to his skin like my mom - he tans right up and for some reason he also inherited her near-immunity to mosquito bites.

He porked up quite a bit in the last few months - he's 28.5 pounds and 31.5 inches.  He loves rough and tumble play and loves ride-on toys.  He's been walking for about six weeks now and has six teeth.  They all came in about two months ago and I don't see signs of any imminent ones.  He loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse which is adorable.  He eats just about anything.  He didn't like eggs for a long time but changed his tune once I put a little cheese in them.  I'd say his favorite food now is applesauce.

Elsa is still my little firecracker.  She's holding steady at 48 lbs and 41.25 inches.  Likely because her picky eating is still rearing its head.  I figure there's not much I can do, so I do my best to have good weeks and let things go when I can.  She's a fish and loves our little pool, though it's been unseasonably chilly the past few weeks and she hasn't been able to swim much.  She's always happy outside.  She talks so much and says the funniest things.  She went to VBS this summer and has been talking with me about God and praying with me which just fills my heart.  My in-laws offered to pay the tuition for her to go to preschool this fall which she is so excited about.  I can't believe the little baby that inspired me to start this blog is three and going off to school!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Random Update Time!

Surprise, surprise!  I'm still alive!  Things aren't so busy I can't update, it's more like its kind of a chore sometimes.  When I have my hands free I always seem to have cleaning to do, and when the kids are asleep I don't want to think - just veg and stare into space.  Plus I use my phone almost exclusively now and I prefer typing with a real keyboard.

Anyway, Oscar is ten months old now and I still can't believe it.  He's about 22 lbs and was 30 inches at his nine month check.  He has six teeth, three of which came in just this week.  He's got a decent head of blond hair, and still long limbs and big hands.

He sits up easily on his own, army crawls like a boss, and is a serious furniture cruiser.  He desperately wants to walk.  If you hold his hands he will turbo waddle all over the place.  The boy loves to eat and insists on three squares a day.  Loves bananas and applesauce, not a fan of sweet potatoes or eggs.

Elsa is fully daytime potty trained!  I knew it would just happen when she decided it was time.  It was  really quick when she was ready.  She is inconsistent at night but her father and I both were bed wetters until well into elementary school so I'm not holding my breath there.

I assume moving her to her own room will be the same kind of deal.  We set up the twin bed so it's there when she's ready, and she has spent a few nights there.  For now I usually try to mov her to a nest on the floor for a few hours.

We're still trucking along, though money continues to be a real issue for us.  That's a post for another day, though.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

In Serious Need of an Update

And I don't just mean my hair.  Cripes, I didn't realize it had been so long since I'd written anything here.  I keep up with all the blogs I follow but my own has fallen through the cracks.  Mostly because I take things to the extreme in the early days of babyhood.  I'm very happy to let my babies nap on my lap.  They seem to prefer it, and I'd much rather the baby sleep for two hours on my lap while I get nothing done, than spend thirty minutes getting baby asleep, ten minutes getting baby settled in bed, having the baby sleep ten minutes and wake up screaming, another twenty minutes working back to sleep, and repeat.

It does, however, keep me from typing.  I have my laptop next to me, and have Blogger on my iPod, but typing one handed or using an iPod touchpad is kind of torture when I have anything more to say than a soundbite.

But we're reaching that magic six month mark where my baby is ready to play alone and discovers the wonder of limited independence.  And neither of them want to go to bed right now, so I have some free minutes.

I really dropped the ball on Oscar's monthly updates.  Or any kind, really.  I feel kind of guilty about it.  With Elsa I did updates here, and marked every single milestone with one of those sticker calendars.  I don't recall the first time Oscar rolled over, and anyway I didn't even see it.  I put him down on his back, left the room to do some menial thing, and came back to him on his belly.   So I will recap what all he is doing now, at almost six months old:

- rolls both ways
- can move himself impressive distances by rolling and wiggling
- coos and is starting to babble
- blows raspberries
- squeals real loud
- hair is filling in (I'm confident it's blond)
- eyes are browning up
- loves to be held in a standing position
- enjoys the exersaucer
- eats his feet
- does well being worn both front and back
- sleeps most nights from 8 or 9 until about 7 with minimal waking
- no teeth, but bottom center incisors have been teasing me for about a month
- was about 16 lbs and 27 inches last month (tall and only slightly above average weight for his age)
- loves the cats
- is a hair puller
- no longer needs to be swaddled for car rides
- takes a bottle while I work, unfortunately formula because I suck at pumping
- grabs everything that comes within reach
- has dimples in both cheeks
- has the tiniest little butt (whose child is this???)
- length is all torso.  When he stands up his legs look ridiculously short for his body

Elsa is one month shy of three.  THREE???  What she's up to now:

- holding steady at 45 lbs, almost 40 inches
- forward facing full time now
- loves Toy Story, Max & Ruby, and Adventure Time
- is starting to eat normal food again!  What helped was making a point to sit down all together for dinner and giving her much smaller portions of food.  She's been eating really well for a few weeks
- is in disposables full time, which I hate but I couldn't find covers big enough for her.  On the suggestion of the cloth diapering LJ community I'm going to give her a try in Fuzzibunz XL despite my unease with synthetics.
- is a little attention hog.  A common phrase in our house is "Look Elsa's face!"
- in a related note, she likes to make sure you are still paying attention.  She'll say your name even while she's talking.  "Mama, I play my trains - Mama - look my trains - Mama - Oscar's crying!"
- is also a drama queen.  Having been told "no," or scolded, her reaction is to burst into tears and say accusingly "you make Elsa cry!"
- makes up funny little stories
- plays well with her toys and is starting to do really involved imaginary games
- lisps her "s" sounds
- still stuck on her binky, unfortunately.  I'd really rather she get off it but I'm also ready to wean her completely and can't bring myself to do both at once
- Nurses for a minute or two, maybe two or three times a day.  I've started refusing/redirecting her more often.  I can't wean her abruptly, but I think I can manage it slowly.
- is nowhere near potty training
- defiance is rearing its ugly head.  She'll do something she knows she's not supposed to, then squint her eyes shut and grin real big.
- Is overall a really good helper and has become a wonderful big sister.  She loves to kiss on Oscar and makes sure I know when he's crying.  She never wants to be away from him, so we all have to go to bed and get up together.  If she wakes up in the night and I've moved him to my other side she'll crawl over so he's back in the middle.
- I don't think we're getting the nap back.  I tried for months but it seems like she's not physically capable of napping before three or four in the afternoon.  Which just doesn't work because she will be up until after midnight.  So then I have to keep her up until after dinner because if she goes to bed before seven or so she will be up at six which is TOO EARLY for mama.  I can make it work but her dad likes to let her fall asleep when I'm working evenings.  I have to start coming down on that soon.
- She's just a little wonder.  She's so enthusiastic about everything.  Everything she learns and does is super exciting for her and I love seeing the world through her eyes.
- has started to want to help me cook and clean.  Obviously she's more of a hindrance but I try to remember how important it is to let her feel helpful and encourage her.

Whew.  So that's where we are now.  Hopefully I can start being a bit more regular here again now that those first crazy baby-months are over and we're kind of getting to our new normal.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Still Alive

Just coming here to prove I'm alive.  We're getting through but it's definitely one day at a time.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Oscar at 4 Weeks

Man, 4 weeks already.  I thought the pregnancy went fast.  Since I have a second where he's asleep and Nana has Elsa so my laptop is freed up from Dora and Diego I thought I'd throw down some stats and memories.

Weight: about 12 lbs

Length: (TBD once I find the tape measure)

Sleep patterns: during the day, he does a few hours on, one hour or so of awake time, and then a few more hours out.  Bedtime is the easiest.  We took him right into our bed and from the first night he's essentially slept through.  Maybe one or two wakings where I need to re-position him or get up to change him.  Bedsharing and dreamfeeding has been a lifesaver for us.

Favorite things: Boob, boob, boob

Hates: car rides

Major Milestones: cord came off at two weeks one day.  Mostly holds own head up.

He's built so funny to me.  I'm used to rolly, chubby babies.  Elsa had a little sumo look to her.  Oscar's built like a tiny football player - triangle shaped up top with broad shoulders and chest, long torso, and skinny little short legs.  He's got little port wine type birthmarks on his eyelids, which may fade away.  Elsa has one between her eyes that you wouldn't notice if you didn't know to look.

I already have a hard time remembering life before him, which is so weird.  He's just melded right in to the family.  We've been more or less getting around just like before, to the store, the chiropractor, etc.  We even went down to the zoo with my in-laws last week.  Life is becoming the new normal pretty quick here.

Saturday, August 4, 2012


Oscar Allen
6:36 pm
13 lbs, 8 oz
23 inches long

Pictures and birth story to come.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

T - 4.5 Hours

I'm just putting down some of my last thoughts before we leave.  I made sure to catch the women's gymnastics team final live because I doubted I'd be able to watch tonight.  Elsa is napping, I need to start her diapers since she'll be in sposies while I'm in the hospital.  I'm going to run out to the chiropractor for a last adjustment soon, and then when I get back I'll get my bag all together.

It will be a different experience from the first time.  That time was the middle of the night, it was snowy, and I thought I would be having my baby in the cozy and happy birth center.  I was nervous and excited and didn't know what to expect.  Even though this time we'll be calmly driving to a hospital on a bright sickeningly hot day, I still have the same feelings.

This time it's more about how this new person is going to fit into the family we've already made.  I didn't worry about that with Elsa - back then it was more about logistics.  How will I do day to day tasks, what are babies really like, etc.  I'm not scared of caring for a baby this time, but my thoughts run more to how I will love and care for two children at once.  Not that that makes me different or special or anything like that - I would guess every person with more than one has thought the same thing.

I'm nervous about the hospital experience.  Before it was not planned, and I was desperate for pain relief and by the time a c-section was being considered I was just so over everything.  None of it scared me, I just wanted it all to be over.  Now, going in without that mindset, I get anxious.  The anesthesia, the surgery, the recovery, suddenly being presented with a baby.

I wonder how I will feel after it's over.  Right now I'm tired and starving - will I just seamlessly integrate the baby into my routine afterward, or will I cave in and let the nursery keep it for that first night?  Will I want to always have it with me like I say now, or will I want breaks from time to time?  And will I feel guilty about it?  I feel silly, but I wonder if I will know what to do.  It's silly because I already wonder that all the time.  That's one part of the status quo that won't change - my ability to worry myself in circles.